Kirstyn Cubangbang:


Worship & Creative Art Director


Kirstyn Cubangbang is a native of Stockton, Ca and is a graduate of Innovation School of Transformation. She is an ordained minister under Innovation Ministerial Network. Since she was a young child, she loved to sing and play piano. She grew up surrounded by music (especially worship music) and eventually realized that this was to play a huge part of her life. A defining moment of her life was when she was asked to lead worship at a home group. While leading, the presence of God fell at that meeting in such a powerful way which left a mark that forever changed the course of her life. Kirstyn desires to see people encounter God’s presence, to create a culture where the goodness of God is on display and that sons and daughter will see themselves through the eyes and lens of the Father. Kirstyn continues to lead worship at Innovation (as well as nationally and internationally) and is empowering a community of worshippers and leaders to release the kingdom of heaven. She believes that her life invokes courage to go after your purpose, to walk in freedom, and to establish a legacy that will last for generations to come.

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Melissa Sherwood:


Innovate Kids Director


Melissa has worked in children’s ministry since she was 21 years old. Using her passion for worship, drama, and dance she was a member of Freedom Team Ministry where she traveled to churches and camps to bring the gospel to children in a fun dynamic way. Her desire has grown to reach children on a weekly basis building relationship and teaching them about the love of the Father. Melissa believes that children are powerful in the kingdom of God and trains the kids to know and understand that they are world changers no matter how young they are. Melissa’s passion is to create an atmosphere where the kids can encounter God and develop an intimacy with Christ that will empower them to fulfill their destinies. Melissa is married to her husband Scott, and they have six beautiful children and one grandchild.

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Drake Oyao:


1X1 Movement Co-Youth Director


Drake Oyao serves as the Co-Youth Pastor for 1X1 Movement and is the Outreach Director of Innovation School of Transformation. Drake is a graduate of Innovation School of Transformation and is a licensed minister with Innovation Ministerial Network. Drake carries with him a deep conviction to empower people to come into an understanding of their God-given identity, to become fearless in what they believe, and to become an influence wherever they step foot. He has a huge heart for young people to encounter the presence of God and become a catalyst for reformation in today’s world. Drake also works and partners with local high schools as a mentor and counselor.

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Carmen Feldstein:


Sozo Ministry Directorr


Carmen has served in inner healing ministry for over half a decade. Her passion to minister in this area was ignited after an encounter with God and the Lord directing her to pursue this as her call. She continued this pursuit to bring wholeness and healing to the body of Christ by receiving training at Bethel Church in Redding, Ca., Dewnamis Ministries, and Innovation School of Transformation. Carmen is passionate about empowering people to gain a greater revelation of God through equipping them to be set free from the lies that are distorting their true identity and destiny. Carmen is also Assistant Academic Administrator for Innovation School of Transformation. Carmen and her husband, Geno, recently celebrated 38 years of marriage. They have 3 daughters, 3 granddaughters, and 4 grandsons (with 2 more on the way).

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Matthew Gonzales:


Innovation Prophetic Institution & Prophetic Ministry Director


Matt has a passion for people and brings with him over a decade of ministry experience. He is highly intuitive, insightful, and inspiring. He is a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, universities, and businesses and has become a prophetic voice and spiritual advisor to churches and leaders. After beginning his ministry career on a college campus almost two decades ago, he has branched out to influence many realms of society. He currently serves as the Senior Associate Leader of Innovation Church, and is the co-founder, alongside his wife Deseree, of Innovation School of Transformation, an institution that focuses on mentoring and developing future leaders. Matt also serves as the co-founder and president of KCM, a non-profit organization specializing in consulting and resourcing leaders. Matt’s burning desire is developing, equipping, and coaching people to create a healthy prophetic culture that draws them closer to the heart and nature of God and causes life transformation. Matt and his wife Deseree have 4 children and reside in Stockton, Ca.

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Judy Henshaw:


Innovation Healing Ministries Director


Judy has worked in some aspect of ministry leadership since 1989. While attending a Kenneth Hagin Healing Conference in 1990 she encountered the healing presence of God and was deeply impacted to see the reality of the Gospel touch and heal lives. Judy has worked with and has been a team member of healing rooms throughout Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties. She passionately desires to reach and minister to sick and broken people wherever she goes and carries with her a deep conviction that she owes people an encounter with the love of God. Judy loves to train and activate people to become an extension of God’s Kingdom through healing and evangelism. She loves to worship and believes worship is an extension of healing. Judy is married to her husband Bill. They have 7 children, 15 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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Laurie Coffman:


Innovation Women’s Ministry Director


Laurie, along with her husband Lance Coffman are currently serving as the Senior Leaders at Innovation Church in Stockton, CA. Laurie has been married to her high school sweetheart, her husband Lance, for over twenty years and is the proud mother of Nate, Nick, and Noelle. She has served in various capacities in ministry over the past 24 years including, Youth, College, Young Adult, Women’s Ministry, Church Administration, and Senior Pastoring. She has previously worked for the State of California for 20 years before resigning in November of 2015 to step into full time ministry. Laurie also is the founder and President of The Hope Initiative, a 501 (c)(3) , Non- Profit Organization that is battling sex trafficking through awareness and rescue in San Joaquin County and the Central Valley. Laurie and her family have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and as a result of that, in April of 2016 Laurie and Lance purchased Vine & Branches Christian Bookstore in downtown Lodi and are excited to have another way to bless and build the church body. Laurie is marked by her contagious passion for people and the Gospel. She has a special way of pulling out the gold of those around her and releasing hope everywhere she goes. She is passionate about building up the Kingdom of God, living life to the fullest, chasing after her dreams, and changing the world around her. She will inspire you to do the same.

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Lance Coffman:


Innovation Business Network Director


Lance has been married to his high school sweet heart, Laurie, for over twenty years and is the proud father of three amazing children, Nate, Nick, and Noelle. Currently, Lance and his wife Laurie are the Senior Leaders of Innovation Church located in Stockton, Ca. As a young boy, Lance was gripped by an entrepreneurial spirit and has planted and developed several successful business ventures. Lance has continued his business ventures, alongside his family, by purchasing Vine & Branches Christian Books and Gifts in April 2016, which is located in the historic downtown area of Lodi, CA. Lance carries with him a conviction that the market place is more than just a ministry, it’s a call from God! Lance is also an author of his soon to be released book, “Next Level” and is a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and seminars both nationally and internationally. Lance is a contagious dreamer and is passionate to empower people to dream God-sized dreams and to equip them to never settle for anything less than the Father’s best.

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Scott Sherwood:


Guest Services Director


Scott is an ordained minister through Innovation Ministerial Network and is an Associate Pastor here at Innovation Church. His desire is to see people connect to the Father heart of God and have supernatural success in life. Scott’s experience as a business owner and entrepreneur has taught him that achieving overwhelming success is attained by building strong personal relationships. He believes that every person that drives into the parking lot to attend services at Innovation, whether for the first time or is an established family member, was compelled by the Holy Spirit to come and is not only a guest, but a gift. From the parking lot, to the worship, to the message, to the altar for prayer, to the fellowship after service, Scott’s heart is that each person would have a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. Scott loves sports and still plays and coaches basketball, baseball/softball and football. He loves building a spiritual legacy that will be passed on to the next generation and his greatest joy in life is being a husband, father and grandfather.

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Larnelle Cubangbang:




Larnelle was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. As a boy, he watched countless Benny Hinn church services which ignited the desire to encounter God’s presence. In the Summer of 2013, he had an encounter with Father God where he heard His voice and began to feel His loving presence. Through this encounter, he was introduced to Innovation School of Transformation by his cousin Kristyn Kirstyn Cubangbang. As this intense hunger for God increased in Larnelle, it gave birth to an intense desire to experience more of God’s presence which then led him to leave everything he knew and to move to Stockton, CA to attend Innovation School of Transformation. Larnelle graduated Innovation School of Transformation in 2016 and is a licensed minister under Innovation Ministerial Network. Larnelle has a genuine, kind and compassionate heart for people and desires for every single person to experience the love of the Father God. He is passionate about visual storytelling through filmmaking, photography, and media. He believes media can become an avenue for people to discover God’s love, beauty, and creativity both in the Church and the marketplace.

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