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Pastors Lance and Laurie Coffman launched The Life Church, now known as Innovation Church, on September 11, 2005. Lance and Laurie are high school sweethearts and have three amazing kids. They believe their family is by far their first and most important ministry.

Both Lance and Laurie have been in ministry for over twenty years serving in various capacities from junior high, high school, and college pastors to senior pastor. This couple is marked by a contagious passion to see people walk in their God ordained destinies and see their dreams come to pass. Both Lance and Laurie are gifted communicators with a grace to stir up hope and the faith in others to believe God for everything He said they can have. Those that leave their meetings do so feeling encouraged and empowered to live life to its fullest. Their hearts burn for citywide and regional transformation and they believe we are walking in the shallows of the greatest revival in the history of the church.

A Little About Lance:

What is your favorite type of food? I love BBQ & sushi

What is your favorite book? Sun Stand Still & Circle Maker

What is your favorite movie? I’m not a huge movie fan, but I love “Vision Quest.”

What is a hobby/hidden talent you have?  Golf and fishing

A Little About Laurie:

What is your favorite type of food? I love Italian food.

What is your favorite book? No Dry Season

What is your favorite movie? A Christmas Story

What is your hobby/hidden talent? Writing & Running


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