Innovation School of Prophecy

“For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all may be exhorted” 1 Corinthians 14:31

The Word of God declares that prophecy is a gift that is available for all. The Apostle Paul proclaims in 1 Corinthians 14:31 that we are to eagerly desire spiritual gifts, but especially that we may prophesy. Paul lived with an awareness of the supernatural and gave a demonstration of it throughout the New Testament. He also lived with an understanding of the deep impact the gift of prophecy has on a person life. As a result, Paul urges believers to seek after and walk in the gift of prophecy. Prophetic ministry at its core is all about revealing and imparting God’s heart of love, hope, purpose, and identity into others life. Our goal at Innovation School of Prophecy is to pursue the biblical Christianity Paul talked about; which means to discover, sharpen, and activate prophetic gifts for impacting every sphere of society.

If you have a passion for discovering, activating, and growing in the gift of prophecy we want to invite you to join us in that pursuit. Each session is packed with short insightful teachings, practical hands-on activations, and an opportunity to develop the gift within you alongside a community of students.

Here are just a few of the topics you will learn about:

– Different ways of hearing the voice of God
– Discovering & activating words of knowledge
– Discovering and activating the gift of discernment
– Seeing, hearing, and living with an awareness of the supernatural realm of the Kingdom of God
– How to prophesy
– How to receive and judge prophecy
– Different methods of delivering prophesy
– Developing language to communicate prophetic words to unbelievers
– And much more

Founder & Instructor:

Matthew Gonzales

Matt Gonzales has trained and lead teams to minister prophetically since 2002. Here are a few videos that were recorded at a local event in Stockton, Ca. In theses videos, Matt leads a team to host an outreach booth where they witnessed people encounter Jesus through prophetic ministry.


Innovation School of Prophecy meets one Sunday night a month from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Cost & Registration:

The price is $20 per session. There are a total of 9 sessions. You can register for all 9 sessions in advance and receive 20% off (Prior to the first session only).
You must register to attend the school. You only have to register once, and pay at the door for each session you attend. You are not required to attend every session, although it is highly encouraged. You must complete all 9 sessions to apply for the intermediate school of prophecy.


We will receive payments at the door each session via debit/credit card, or checks. You must pay at the door to attend a session.

Monthly Session Dates:

(Note: Dates Are Subject To Change)

March 26th, 2017
April 23rd, 2017
May 21st, 2017
June 25th, 2017
July 23rd, 2017
August 27th, 2017
September 24th, 2017
October 22nd, 2017
November 12th, 2017