Innovation Hubs

Typically, Sunday mornings are considered the most important day for Christians to gather. Here at Innovation Church, we believe that Sunday services are vital, important, and irreplaceable, but we have found that much of what we observe in the Bible cannot happen in a typical Sunday gathering. This is why we decided to form Innovation Hubs.

Our Innovation Hubs give us the opportunity to live out what we believe in the context of family and community throughout our cities and region. Innovation Hubs are a micro-expression and reflection of our Sunday morning gatherings. They are place for individuals to experience community, become equipped for the Kingdom, and feel safe to learn and develop their spiritual gifts. Innovation Hubs are also designed for those who may be seeking God, but are not yet ready to step into a traditional church service. Our Hubs serve as a starting point for them in their journey.

Each Innovation Hub is a group of 10-30 people led by a Hub Pastor. Hubs are anchored around five core values: Worship, Community, Equipping, Benevolence, and Outreach. We believe that Innovation Hubs are the key to seeing our cities and region transformed, and it is our desire to regularly plant new hubs throughout the community.

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