In today’s culture and climate we need creative and innovative strategies from the Lord to see a harvest reaped. In this process there is a huge need to receive both biblical training, but also to be equipped supernaturally. Innovation School of Transformation is establishing a new wineskin for a generation desperately seeking more of God.

ISOT is a supernatural school and training center with the sole purpose to instruct, equip, activate, and deploy lovers of Jesus who will become naturally supernatural. Our mandate is to take the love and power of God into the deepest, darkest places on earth. It is our passion to develop the core values of the Kingdom of God in the student’s lives while preparing them with practical leadership skills to lead people and establish His Kingdom in every realm of society.

ISOT was founded and started by Matt & Deseree Gonzales in the Fall of 2008 with three students and has grown into an equipping center deploying students that are transforming the world.

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