The Innovation Church Story:

The Innovation story is truly a story of reconciliation. It started eight years ago when Lance and Laurie Coffman invited Matt and Deseree Gonzales to join their staff and help plant The Life Church in Stockton, CA. Lance and Laurie both knew that in order to see the city transformed this new church had to have a presence on college campuses, being that Stockton is a college town. Matt and Deseree had a powerful ministry on the Delta College campus and at the University of the Pacific. They were truly seeing a move of God – experiencing signs, wonders, and miracles in all their meetings on the campuses. Matt and Deseree agreed to come on staff on September 11, 2005 and The Life Church was officially launched.

The young church was growing steadily and the presence of God was evident in all the services. The Holy Spirit was moving! The Coffman’s and the Gonzales’ were leading the way for this new Apostolic work. The church was growing and the campus ministry was thriving and experiencing the fire of revival. However, after two years together, the enemy could not stand what was happening in this new church and in the relationship between the Coffman and Gonzales families, so he found his way in and destroyed the relationship. This was a devastating blow. Both families parted and went their separate ways. Matt and Deseree continued to successfully lead the growing campus ministries and eventually launched Training for Reigning Supernatural School of Ministry, which is now Kingdom Culture School of Transformation. Out of that, the Gathering Church was launched. Meanwhile, Lance and Laurie continued to pastor The Life Church.

After several years apart, the Coffman’s and Gonzales’ reached out to one another and, soon after, met together for the first time in many years. The meeting was full of tears, humility, and repentance. Out of this one meeting came a season of rebuilding and reconciliation between the two families. After meeting on and off for several years both families sensed that the Father was up to something much bigger than reconciliation. There was a sense in the spirit that the Father was wanting to reconcile the two ministries as well and bring them back together under one roof. After much prayer and conversations with various trusted leaders, it was settled in our hearts and spirit that this was the direction we were to go.

In the Fall of 2013, The Life Church and The Gathering officially came together again and Innovation Church was launched. The two had once again become one. Not only did the two families reconcile, but today their relationship is better and stronger than even before the separation. Innovation Church has experienced tremendous growth and an open Heaven in its meetings. This testimony of reconciliation has made a huge impact in the city and region as other leaders have seen an example of what is possible in their own lives. There have already been testimonies of other leaders beginning to reconcile with one another. We believe this story of reconciliation will spark a revival in our city and region.